The Assassin

The building looked so unbelievably normal from the outside. Just an old, closed down, train station. No one would ever think twice about it. I suppose it's just as good a place as any other for an underground vampire casino.

Sam stood stealthily on the roof of the small building, taking a few deep breaths and standing with his eyes closed. He let the cool wind surround him, and relaxed his muscles in preparation for what was to come. It had become a good luck ritual before every job. There's always the chance that he won't come back. He realized that ever since that one mission that had caused him to lose one of his eyes. But this time, if he was swift, focused, controlled...he would be able succeed with minimal casualties. Minimal for HIM, anyway. He didn't get his reputation for being the vampire Maffia's best hitman for nothing.

He lifted the charm that he wore around his neck up to his lips, and gave it a graceful kiss. Then Sam grabbed the two uzis on his side, and tightened the rope around his waist securely. It's time. He jumped backwards and crashed through the window on the roof of the building, falling three floors and then through another private entrance in the floor of the shed! The rope held him steady, and stopped just as he became visible to the surprised patrons of the casino! He dropped down quickly, the rope holding him upside down like a giant spider dressed in black, and searched the room to instantly assess the situation here. Innocents, exits, security, casino layout, blind spots...everything. Sam had a photographic memory, and he knew exactly the target that he was looking for. He also knew that the rest of the casinos bodyguards wouldn't let any harm come to him. It was then that the guards rushed out and began drawing their guns. This is the kind of shit that Sam was trained for.

He spun around while still hanging upside down from the rope in the ceiling, and stretched out both arms, spraying the entire club with a barrage of gunfire! The guards ducked for cover and the patrons of the club went into a panic. The screams were almost deafening, but Sam was focused. Concentrating only on the targets and the mission at hand. He clicked his heels together, and a blade shot out from the tip of his right shoe. He used it to cut himself free of the rope, and dropped to the floor, landing on his feet. He waded through the running crowd of vampires and focused long enough to aim right for the two guards standing near the front door. Vampires don't die easy, Sam knows his own kind. But they feel pain just like anyone else. And if he were to disable them by putting bullets in their arms and legs, they would be down long enough for him to complete his task. They don't heal that fast. Sam felt the presence of more bodies approaching rapidly, and took precautions. He reloaded both of his weapons, and as soon as he caught sight of the opposition running in through the back door, he ran straight for them with guns blazing! They were well trained, their maneuvers were polished to a tee...but they weren't in Sam's category. Nobody was.

Sam made a dash for the door and felt bullets whizzing by his head from behind. He dropped down and slid across the casino floor and under a table, kicking it up while underneath. The table turned over on its side and shielded him from the rest of the bullets as Sam prepared to make his move to the lower level. He popped up and sent gunshots into the chests of three more guards before jumping up on top of the bar. Another guard jumped on top to counter him, and pointed his gun at Sam's head. Before he was able to pull the trigger, Sam had twisted around and broken his arm in three places! He kicked him off the top of the bar and the body guard went crashing through the dinner buffet ten feet away. Sam flipped down and fought it out with two more thug types, hand-to-hand, before drawing another pistol from his ankle holster, and swiftly spinning around to put bullets into the knees of the two guards coming his way.

Sam rushed down the stairs, hearing the alarms going off all around him. And was met with more guards rushing up at him! He jumped over the side of the railing, leaving a small explosive behind him. This small explosive packed a huge punch. The staircase erupted in flames and came crashing down, guards and all, as Sam hit the floor below! He charged for the door in the back of the basement at top speed, and felt the presence of more people coming straight for him. They burst through the door and began shooting violently in his direction. Relying on pure instinct, Sam spun gracefully to the ground and dodged their every bullet before they could even fire their guns. He sprung back on his feet, and shot one of them right between the eyes! He kicked a shotgun out of one guard's hand and used the blade in the tip of his shoe to slit his throat. Then Sam swung a well placed low kick around to shatter the kneecap of another. He hid behind the stunned guard as his companions fired more rounds in Sam's direction, despite his human shield. He grabbed two pool cues from the wall and began flailing them around faster than the guards could see. The show that Sam put on while on a mission was a sight to behold. I had never seen anyone move so fast. He was able to play any weapon like an instrument, and he had the fastest feet that anyone had ever seen. What looked like one kick was actually two or three. It was entertaining to try to follow his movements. And by the time the last guard had fallen...Sam had hardly broken a sweat. His calm and focus still very much in tact.

Sam kicked in the back door of the basement, and saw his target hiding under the desk, trembling with fear. Sam holstered his guns, and instead took an 8 inch long silver spike out of a sheath on his leg. "Are you going to come out of there, or am I going to have to come get you." Sam said.

"DON'T SHOOT! Ok? I'm coming out....I'm coming out. See? No weapons. I'm unarmed." The man was shaking so bad that Sam thought he would pass out any minute.

"Doesn't matter." Sam replied coldly.

"Don't kill me! Listen, I didn't mean to rip off Mr. Bogart! I you think I'm STUPID??? I'm not going to steal from the vampire maffia! I'm just trying to run a business here!" He prayed, his arms high in the air.

"Really now?" Sam kicked the desk, and the bottom drawer dropped down, filled to the top with money. "Seems a bit profitable for an underground joint like this, don't you think?"

The guy knew he was caught, and reached in his belt for his gun. Sam knew he wasn't fast enough, knew he wasn't good enough, but he let him try anyway. The guy pointed the gun at Sam's face, but by the time he pulled the trigger, Sam had already dodged the shot, approached the desk, and stabbed the long silver spike all the way through his heart...all in one smooth, blindingly fast, motion. He gasped for air, and fell back into his chair with a look of shock on his face. The blood poured out of him, and he knew that there was nothing that he could do. He was a goner.

As Sam turned to walk away...he said, "The heart's a precious thing. Next time, try wearing a vest, babe." And he left, vanishing without a trace. Out of all of the mob's hitmen, Sam was the one used as their number one avenging angel. Cold, swift, and best of all effective. I guess that's what makes him the best.

There is so much that is unknown about the assassin. Where he comes from, where he stays, why he does what he does and so well. But his assocciates know how to reach him if it's neccessary. And he may get that call sooner than he thinks.


From the creator of "Gone From Daylight"

Alone, each one of them is a force to be reckoned with. But when all five UNITE...prepare for fireworks!!! Even the vampire Maffia has it's rebels...

"Pak Ratz"
It's showtime!

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