Gone From Daylight Extra 43087

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have just stumbled onto one of the THIRTEEN hidden "Extras" on this site for the debut of "Gone From Daylight: Mask Of Shadows"!!! To find the other 12, simply take the secret numbers from Justin's nightmares in the story, and rearrange them in a different order! Add them to the end of the site address, and if you got the sequence right, you'll unlock another secret section! It's THAT easy! I hope you enjoy the surprise below, and keep looking! There's more out there! :)

"Voices In My Head"
Fight To Be Chosen

He rises out of the shadows, the darkness swrirling around him like a thick black cloak, and he advances on you before you have a chance to analyze the situation. His name is Comicality, and he has come to test you! Listen to the voices in your head, remember what their words have taught you! Match the quotes to the speaker...and prove yourself worthy, young Mimic.


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