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CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have just discovered one of the THIRTEEN 'Hidden Extras' that are locked away deep inside the site for the debut of "Gone From Daylight: Mask Of Shadows"!!! Good Job!!! And there is a special surprise down below for you as a reward! If you want to discover the other twelve secrets, simply rearrange the order of Justin's 'Dream Numbers', and add them to the end of the site address! Get the order right, and each time you'll unlock the door to another secret! It's THAT easy! I hope you guys all enjoy the added fun this time around, and Thanks for reading!


"Three kings! My game dude!" I said as Dion and Jun lost yet another hand at poker. And to think, I wouldn't have even known how to play if they hadn't taught me.

"Arrrgh! I can't believe this! What the fuck are you DEALING me here Doc?" Jun said in frustration.

Doc replied, "What? I'm dealing Justin from the same deck that I'm dealing you. It's not MY fault that you guys suck!"

"He's cheating! He's gotta be!" Dion grinned.

"Whatever, you guys! Just pay up!" They groaned and tried to ask for replay, but I said, "No way gentlemen. Besides, I've got a taste for it now! No backing out on your wagers. Come on...give it up." Then they reluctantly reached into their little stashes and gave me three Jolly Ranchers each. A little sweet candy treat for a vampire's tastebuds. Although I'd much rather have a double stuff slice of pepperoni and sausage pizza from Rannali's instead, it's all that my stomach will allow these days. And even too much of THAT will make me sick as a dog. Still...it's enough to keep me smiling for a while. And speaking of which...

"Hey babe." Taryn said, walking up behind me to drape his loving arms around my neck and planting the sweetest of angel kisses on my cheek. "Having fun?" He asked.

"ONE of us, sure!" Jun pouted. "You joining in? Maybe it'll even things out if his boyfriend is playing. Then the 'Poker King' here will ease up on the cheating." I stuck out my tongue and handed my cards back to Doc for another shuffle.

We played a few more hands, and while Taryn was sitting next to me, he began to rub a small circle around one of my nipples. Very gently at first, and soon a bit more affectionately. His kisses were lingering a bit longer on my cheek, and now moving down to my neck. I could feel him watching me, and when I looked back, he would stare right through me. His beautiful jade green eyes tempting me with the awesome pleasure of his kiss. I suspected that he was becoming turned on just by being there with me, a feeling that I never knew from anybody before Taryn entered my life. And once I felt his tongue lick at my earlobe and pull it into his mouth to nibble at tenderly, I had no doubt that it was time to go. I sighed outloud, and used my free hand to rub the inside of Taryn's thigh. He giggled in such a sexy way, and pulled my hand further up his soft thigh to feel his contrasting hardness in between, and I knew at that moment that this was my last hand of poker for the night. Taryn was now chewing tenderly at my ear, and his leg was moving up into my lap. God...he was soooo good at this. Even with his mouth kissing back down to my neck again, I could feel his smile as it fell softly against my skin. He was getting ready to make a scene with me right there in front of everybody. Finally, as Taryn's soft hand went inside my shirt and began tickling my stomach with its delicate fingertips, I threw my cards down on the table and said, "I fold! You win!"

"What? But we didn't even..." Jun started, but Dion already knew what was going on. As though everyone else in the lot couldn't see it.

"Go! Go already! Have a blast! Have THREE!" Dion giggled, and my beloved and I got up to leave. We were kissing passionately all the way. So much so that it was hard to see where we were going. Just then, I broke the kiss for a second and ran back to the poke table just as Jun was reaching in to take back the candy he lost in the game.

"Don't even THINK about it!" I smiled, and ran back to the van.

We stumbled our way into the van and closed the door behind us, locking it up tight to prevent any interruptions. I unbottoned Taryn's shirt and ran my hands all over his chest. So smooth, so flat, soooo beautiful. I moved down to kiss it lightly as he ran his fingers through my light blond hair, soon reaching down to pull my shirt over my head. I let my kisses rise to meet his tender lips as we held each other close. The feeling of our young skin sliding against us was giving me goosebumps. The gentle heat coming from him was so incredibly comfortable, beyond compare. He was so perfect. Perfect eyes. Perfect skin. Perfect breath. Perfect reddish brown locks. From head to toe he was an angel...and I couldn't love him more. Not that it ever kept me from trying.

"I love you, Justin." He said, his hand caressing me softly behind the ear. I raised my finger to his lips, and he kissed it seductively before sucking it into his mouth. I felt his tongue pulsating underneath it, and I pulled it out so that I could have the opportunity to taste him once again. We sucked at each others tongues for what seemed like an eternity, and slowly made our way to the bed, our pants dropping to the floor as we went. I laid on top of him, my weight softly bearing down on him, and he wrapped his arms over my shoulders to kiss me deeply as we grinded together in just our boxers. He breathed new life into me with every kiss, with every smile. He was amazing.

I allowed my angel kisses to slide down his chest and rest on his stomach, where I pressed my face into the tender flesh and felt it rise and fall with his every breath. My tongue licked around inside his belly button, making Taryn smile widely, trying not to laugh from the ticklish sensations that I was sending through him. And that is when I moved further down, to crush my face against the cloth of his boxers, and move it back and forth, inhaling his candied scent deeply. Taryn whimpered softly and spread his legs further apart to accept me. I ran my hands up the legs on both sides, and snaked my tongue inside through the hole in front. I felt breathless as I tasted the sweet flesh underneath, the sultry heat of it pouring out onto my face. I unsnapped the button and Taryn's hardness sprung out playfully, happy to finally getting the attention he was hoping for. I kissed the head, and then every inch on the way down, until I reached the tender nuggets further inside. I sucked them into my mouth, rolling them around on my tongue, before allowing them to slip from my mouth. Only the faintest of silky fine hairs adding to their already wrinkled texture. The skin there was sooo soft, soooo warm. It compelled me to lick my way back to the top of his shaft, and take him into my mouth.

I heard Taryn gasp with delight, and then moan boyishly as he entangled his fingertips in my hair. Rubbing them in slow circles and driving me wild with a dizzying pace as I continued to suck lovingly at his member. The flavor of him filled my mouth, his scent filled my senses, and I had to close my eyes before his visual beauty pushed me over the edge too soon. "Mmmm...God Justin....ahhhh...." His hips were lifting off of the bed, and rolling around in small circles, encouraging my efforts more and more. My tongue licked at the ridge, and my hands ran up and down his sides. Ohhhh the feel of his frictionless skin was a treat that my fingertips would never get tired of. "I want you Justin....mmmm...I want you..." He whimpered, and I sucked him harder. "Ahhhhh! Yes....oh yessss..." He was really beginning to buck his hips now, his body only partially under his control at this point. And his hands clutched at my hair as the sensual overload shot through his body like lightning. I put so much heart into sucking him, it was as though I could feel it inside myself. "Oh...oh.....oh...." Taryn clenched his eyes tight, and let out a high pitched whimper followed by a few short gasps, as his orgasm rushed to the surface. I lived to hear those cute little moans and sobs coming from him. It increased his sex appeal to levels that would be down right dangerous to anyone who heard them and didn't get to share in the love that we had. The spurts were almost hot, and squirted generously onto my tongue and against the insides of my cheeks. Sweeter than any candy I could have won outside tonight.

As he began to come down, I let my hands roam over his stomach once again. I loved to feel the shivers and delightful tremors that followed his orgasms. His muscles would spasm so gently, and the look on his face would be absolutely adorable. That blissful look that you would only find on a young boy sucking his thumb with a teddy bear in his arms. Hehehe. To just watch him was beautiful.

I kissed his softening member, his inches still blushing a bright pink from my attention, and slid his boxers all the way off. I licked the inside of his thigh, his balls, the mound above his erection, and every delicious piece of flesh that I hadn't touched yet. Taryn was literally shaking, and he he sat up, using his hand to brush his hair out of his eyes. He slid down and kissed me lovingly before caressing my stiffness and sliding my boxers off as well. I stood up to kick them off, and he slid to the end of the bed to take me into the hot wetness of his mouth. His lips surrounded me with a sensual pressure, and his tongue slid back and forth underneath my shaft. I was instantly weak in the knees, and he coated it heavily with his saliva. I moaned slowly, a long moan that kept going until I ran out of breath. I held his face in my hands and gently pumped in and out of his mouth, my head in a complete daze from the lustful pleasure of it all. Then, Taryn let my hardness slip out of his loving mouth, and licked at it a few more times before turning around to lie face down on the bed. Just looking at him, those round cheeks raised slightly as the curve in his smooth back readied him to mate with me in the most intimate way...it almost made my heart burst from the excitement.

Making love to Taryn was a religious experience in itself. More beautiful than I ever thought possible. We were both virgins when we crossed over into darkness, untouched, uninitiated, innocent. And our bodies stayed that way. No matter how many times we had sex, our bodies would 'heal' in an hour, and we'd be virgins all over again. Taryn's tightness remained unchanged, and every encounter for us...was technically our first as far as our bodies were concerned. Being a vampire has its advantages, believe me.

I crept up on the bed in a cat-like manner, my shadow covering Taryn as I lined myself up with his entrance. He reached under himself, and took a gently grip of my pulsating hardness as he guided it to just the right spot. I bent down and kissed his cheek, his hands slowly stroking and massaging me down below. "Mmmm....ready?" I whispered.


I pushed forward slowly, my stiff member bending a little as I tried to gain access. Taryn's firm cheeks tensed a bit, and we both had to put a little work into pushing inside. "Mmmm...wait a sec...ahh....ok. Ok...go ahead." Sometimes, the tension of that initial penetration was more mindblowing than the sex itself. God, he was beautiful. So warm, so putty-like underneath me as I attempted to gently press further into his moist tunnel. So unbelievably snug, his anal walls were stubbornly clamping themselves down, constricting to pevent my entrance. Then, at last, we both relaxed simultaneously, and his warm ring opened up just wide enough for me to slide in. Just enough, and no more. God...he was soooo tight. Every time. It took my breath away. We were silent for a second, and took a quick rest to get used to the feeling all over again. Then, I slid in a bit further, and further, and further still. His inner walls sucked and chewed at me, bathing me in their unbelievable heat, and it warmed my entire body as more of my inches pushed their way through his vice like grip. We both let out a passionate sigh as I felt my pelvis rest peacefully against the bubbled softness of his cheeks. My virgin body, once again, was awakened to the experience of sex from square one. I covered his back completely, and wrapped my arms around him. I kissed and licked at his shoulder blades, occassionally moving up to lick tenderly at his neck. Then...I began to pull out, the cool air feeling so wrong after feeling the thermal insides of my lover, and then pushed back in slowly, like pushing into a vat of warm jello. I was always amazed that I could actually move at all with the grip that Taryn's ass kept on me, but we always managed to make it an amazingly erotic experience. I rubbed myself up and down on Taryn's back as I kept up a sensual rhythm for our soft and slow lovemaking, and quiet whimpers escaped from both our lips in unison. I leaned forward and inhaled the sweet fragrance of Taryn's hair as my strokes got faster. The aroma of his sweetened fragrance acted as a potent aphrodisiac as it filled my senses and danced in my mind, my hardness growing even harder with every thrust into my lover's body. Oh God he was magnificent. I felt him humping the bed in time with my thrusts, and the tightening of his cheeks only made me move faster. I kissed his neck savagely, and he turned his head to the side to kiss me back. I was going to let loose soon, I could feel it. A virgin's orgasm that would explode from me in a blinding moment of pleasure and pain intertwined as though it was the first. I began slamming into him faster, deeper, aggressively...and he humped himself up to take it all. To meet me in the sexiest way possible. We were breathing hard, gasping, and as I bounced away at his taut and pert cheeks, smooth beyond compare, I heard the springs in the matress squeak and ring from the frenzied motions of our bodies.

"Ahhh...mmmm....I think...ahhh...Oh god..." I began chanting, and Taryn reached back to grab at my cheeks with his hands, pulling me into him further. My body was burning with a sexual fever, and the need for release was here. Taryn's muscles contracted around me, trying to shut off the valve, but my seed refused to be contained any longer. The extra tension only made it shoot forward at a faster pace, and with a scream, I unloaded an explosion of juice into him. It rose up from my toes, and enveloped my entire body with excitement in a matter of seconds. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't move. I thrust as deep as I could into him, wishing that I could push even deeper, and held still as my climax blinded me from the rest of the world for the brief moment that it took to release me. There was SO much gushing out of me, I never thought I'd stop. And all the while, my lover's muscles were constricting around me even tighter, my sensitive member twitching with infinite joy. I soon felt my body begin to loosen up again, and I collapsed onto Taryn's back. Kissing him as we both came down from the ultimate high. My heart was beating fast, and it took a few minutes before I was able to pull out of Taryn and roll over to the side. I could feel his body already healing, even with me inside. Soon, his body would be 'pure' again and all of our sexual muscles will go back as though they had never been used before. The virgin experience would never end. God...there's no WAY I should have been this lucky!

We held each other, enjoying the aroma of sex in the room, and relaxed in a loving embrace. "Taryn...you are so beautiful it hurts. You know that?"

He kissed me and whispered, "I'm beautiful, because you make me that way." And we spent the rest of the night in bed together. Never once coming out to say goodnight to the others. But they were used to it by now. So they didn't mind us having a little fun every now and then. And to think...I've got all eternity to enjoy this boy's love, and to give him mine in return. For the first time...Eternity didn't seem like long enough.

I hope you guys enjoyed this one! Couldn't help it, I was horny that night! LOL! Mmmm...now if only I could grab a hold of one of you guys long enough to make this happen for real. Ah well...ANYWAY! Go get rid of that bulge in your pants and keep searching! :) There's more hidden stuff where this came from! Seezya!

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