Gone From Daylight Extra 37804

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have just found one of the SEVEN 'Hidden Extras' that I've secretly hidden inside the site for the debut of "Gone From Daylight: Mask Of Shadows"!!! Good Job!!! The surprise below is JUST for you! :) If you want to discover the other six secrets, simply rearrange the order of Justin's 'Dream Numbers', and add them to the end of the site address! Get the order right, and you'll find yet another special gift waiting there for you! I hope you guys all enjoy the added fun this time around, and Thanks for reading!

Chase The Blond Rabbit
"Find The Answers!"

You are looking for answers, and Chad is the only one that can help you! But he won't make it easy! You'll have to chase him down and make him talk! With every right answer, you'll get a step closer to the truth! But one WRONG answer...and you could lose your opportunity forever! Don't blow it!

Are you ready?

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