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CONGRATULATIONS!!! You've just stumbled upon one of the hidden secrets that I've hidden inside the site for the debut of "Gone From Daylight: Mask Of Shadows"!!! EXCELLENT JOB!!! If you want to discover the other twelve secrets, simply rearrange the order of Justin's 'Dream Numbers' in the chapter, and add them to the end of the site address! Get the order right, and you'll find a special gift waiting just for you everytime! I hope you guys all enjoy the added fun this time around, and Thanks for reading!

Many Different Futures

So many lives, so many pasts, so many presents, so many futures. Intertwined as one. Who says how it will all turn out? The possibilities are endless. These are a but a few....

"Without You"

When two young vampires are bullied and persecuted for their love, they strike back at the tribe of attackers, only to accidently kill one of their members. Retaliation is unavoidable by the rest of the tribe, and there is only one way for the two lovers to defend themselves. By resurrecting the one vampire from the past who can teach them to fight. A 'mimic' from the distant past...named Justin.


In the future, the vampire threat has been identified and brought to the public's attention. Witch hunts and worldwide lynchings have become the norm for this misunderstood species. The survivors are herded into 'sun camps' where they are forced to work in mines...and are eventually terminated. However, Mycal, one of the camp's strongest willed captives, meets a new prisoner who may help them escape. Together, the two of them can fight for the freedom they so desperately seek.

"Hunger Pains"

It is the year 2055, and the vampire population has gotten so far out of control, that their 'food supply' is close to becoming extinct. With no food, the survivors will be left to feed on one another until their species, too, will be gone. However, one vampire doctor, Jordi, is working on a blood substitute that may save them all. Orion is a body guard hired to protect him. But against what?

"The Thrill Of The Hunt"

There is only one sport made for the hidden island of Rojo Muerte, and that's hunting. A lush forest setting with plenty of places to hide, plenty of materials to build weapons with and set traps. A group of seven men have come together, fully packed with the latest in high tech weaponry, to enjoy the private sport in the summer of 2028. The level of thrill that the hunt brings to its participants depends on the mind of the prey. And in this particular case, man is hunting the most dangerous prey of all...and they only have until dawn to reach the safehaven before the sun ends the game permanently.

"The Carrier"

He calls himself 'Zero', and he is possibly the most dangerous threat that the vampire species have ever faced. Angry and bitter over the death of his family, he has offered himself to be born into darkness, carrying a deadly virus that will kill any vampire that feeds from his tainted blood. The highly contagious bacteia, known as "Agent-X", will spread throughout the vampire world like a fire if he isn't found, and FAST! The Elders have sent two of their best men to locate and destroy the threat. If they fail, their world is doomed.

"Blood For Blood"

By the time the year 2015 rolls around, and vampires have built an entire underground society that is easily capable of financing itself, their world becomes one engulfed by money and power. Blood is now sold like stock on an underground market, and it is a fast paced business that generates more money than their society has ever seen. When a young vampire named Jory gets pulled into this lifestyle of power and money, will he keep his life and his love in the arms of his boyfriend? Or will he be corrupted, and fall prey to the REAL bloodsucking monster known as 'greed'?

"Not Meant To Be"

At first glance, Blake was everything that Ryan could have ever wanted. A boy of such eerie beauty that the excitement he caused inside him was unmatched by anything he had ever witnessed before. However, when Blake turns out to not be what Ryan expected, and turns him into a vampire against his will...his life becomes a hell worse than he could have imagined. He never asked for this life, and now realizes that there is no cure for what he has become. One night, Ryan made his escape. Running away and hiding for a number of years to plot his revenge. Tonight...Ryan returns to take back what was stolen from him, by any means necessary.

"Thou Shalt Not Kill"

When a priest of the Christian faith becomes infected with a deadly disease, crossing over into a world of eternal darkness is the only way to save his life. It is a parting gift that one young boy can give him for once taking him into the church. The priest is cured by the process, but is never able to find the boy again. He eventually learns to adapt to his new body and begins to make arrangements to live out the rest of his days. However, the thirst is catching a hold of him, and he must now once again choose whether he wants to save his life...or save his soul.

"Number 33"

Perhaps it was the crossover itself, or maybe something that happened in his life before he was ever turned. Whichever it may be, young Nathan is not what most would consider 'sane' anymore. His taste for murder has gone far beyond the need to survive...it has become an art. His methods are precise, patient, well timed...as a vampire, he has become one of the most notorious serial killers in history. Always vanishing without a trace, always leaving his calling card...the number '33', etched into the pupils of his victims eyes with a needle. As he begins to perfect the art of murder itself, he becomes aware of a slaghunter agent hot on his trail. It is a game of cat and mouse that Nathan has been dying to play, and he plans to enjoy the chase.

"One Too Many"

When Stephen came across a beautiful young vampire named Lucky, he was instantly swept off of his feet. He was charming, funny, beautiful, everything Stephen had ever wanted in a boyfriend. They became fast friends, and eventually, their friendship grew into something more. However...there is just one detail that Lucky had been leaving out of their many conversations. He already has a boyfriend, an extremely abusive and jealous one that he's afraid to leave. And when he finds out that Stephen has been touching his property'...he's NOT going to take it lightly!

"Angel Boy"

The only thing that has kept Andy out of trouble for so long, was the fact that he kept to himself, didn't make any waves, and stayed away from most of the 'vampire society' most of the time. He has become accostomed to living as a recluse, with only his artwork to keep him company. But his world is about to be invaded by a youngster who has been targeted by the elders as a threat for what he knows. Some hidden piece of information that could damage the Vampire/Human alliance and set of a war between both species. Taking him in as a refugee, Andy will be thrown in the middle, whether he likes it or not.

"Tooth For A Tooth"

It had been maybe three months of waiting, of torture, or worrying...before Styles found out that his brother was dead. A mystery that was never solved. Instead, it seems the details of his death were hidden behind the smoke and mirrors of the Slaghunter organization...created to protect the existence of vampires from ever leaking to the public. But, when Styles discovers that his brother's death was the result of a vampire's first feed, he takes an offer to be turned...and goes to search for his brother's killer. Before crossing over, he burns off his fingerprints, gains his strength, adds permanent markings to his face and arms. Once a juvenile delinquent, now an avenging angel. Justice WILL be served!

"Lab Rat"

While still not ready for public knowledge, the vampire species has been found. As a measure of national security and curiousity, giant underground labs have been created to conduct scientific experiments on this brand new phenomenon. When a young man is taken off the streets, and injected with the toxins that change 'us' into 'them', he must find a way to learn and use his new abilities to regain his freedom. Can he make it out alive? Or will the scientists eliminate him before he blows the lid off of their illegal operation?


This is only the beginning!!! Expect more stories to show up from now on! MANY more!!! I hope you guys liked what I came up with so far! And look for storie to appear at random! :)