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CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have just unlocked one of the many secret 'Hidden Extras'!!! Only ONE out of the THIRTEEN that I've tucked away for the debut of "Gone From Daylight: Mask Of Shadows"!!! Good job!!! In order to discover the other extras, simply rearrange the order of Justin's 'dream numbers', and add them to the end of the site address! I hope you all enjoy this little gift from me to you! Thanks for reading!

A word from Comicality:

"As many of you guys know, I began the "Gone From Daylight" series in the summer of 1999, to commemorate the one year anniversary of Comicality's Shack Out Back's existence online. It was meant to be a challenge for myself, something that was going to surpass everything else that I had ever written before on the website. About six hours later, the response on my first erotic sci-story was absolutely MINDBLOWING!!! It was so far beyond anything that I expected, that I was terrified to write anything else for a while afterwards. A sequel was inevitable, and the story became one of the most popular, most demanded stories on the entire site. EVEN when put up against the current champ, "New Kid In School", which at one time was drowning out all of the other stories on the site. At the time...it was extremely cool to see the new story doing so well, and I thank you all for the compliments that you've given it since it was first posted.

However, looking back at the story now, reviewing the older chapters, I see something that ALWAYS seems to bother the hell out of me, even when you guys consistently tell me that it's fine. I saw...well...'imperfection', basically. CONSTANT mistakes! Spelling errors, inconsitency, slip ups...I can't stand my own stuff. Usually, I leave the mistakes alone, and just stop trying to be such a harsh self critic about my work. But, considering that this is my 'special pet project' and probably one of the stories I'm 'most' proud of, I'll be diving back into it full force. In the year of 2002, be prepared to relive the story all over again...as it was MEANT to be told. Be prepared."

- Comicality

"Gone From Daylight: Re-VAMPED"


+ Raw And Uncut
Some of the scenes and little conversations that were taken out of the story will be inserted back into each chapter. As well as some brand NEW additions to enhance the plot!

+ Production Notes
At last, for the many folks who have been wondering where the ideas come from for the "Gone From Daylight" series, the secets that went into writing it, and what amount of work and planning goes into every chapter, you will finally get a "Behind The Scenes" look with detailed 'Notes' and explanations on all five chapters!

+ Sneak Previews
Not only will you get a peek at the secret SIXTH chapter of the series, "Gone From Daylight: Revelations", but you will also get previews and excerpts from the soon to be released spinoff series, "Gone From Daylight: Many Different Futures". Which will soon take the vampire world to all new heights with a variety of wildly different stories taking place after "Gone From Daylight" has ended and outside of its boundries.

+ An In-Depth Interview With The Author
A question and answer session with 'moi' for those of you who have any questions about the story and how it came to be. I'll ask for any questions that you guys may have, and answer them all as completely as possible for you guys to read.

+ The "GFD" Soundtrack
A special look at the music that inspired the story, and what I'm usually listening to while attempting to create a certain mood for scenes when I'm writing.

+ Deleted Scenes
Plot twists, storylines, and conversations that were changed, never added, or taken out of the story due to editing and personal story choices. Finally, they will be available as seperate sections for you to read, and you can see the parts that didn't make the cut.

+ Scene Selection
A menu will be added that will allow you guys to instantaneously jump to your favorite part of the story with just a click of the button!

+ Fanbase
Some quotes will be added from the wonderful email response that this story has gotten over the years, and the inspiring words that have kept me going for so long with the series. (With permission, of course)

+ Character Profiles
An in depth look at the members of the lot, their personal histories, their extras, and physical descriptions. A glimpse at the lives of Justin's new runaway 'family'.

+ On Location
A written ot 'map' of many of "Gone From Daylight's" real locations around the city of Chicago. The actual buildings, arcades, parks. Their addresses, and their significance to the story.


Including special 'blooper reel', 'artwork', 'popular vampire facts', and more! So look for the brand NEW "Gone From Daylight: Re-VAMPED" in 2002, and believe me....you STILL haven't seen NOTHING yet!!!

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