The figure appeared before me, his cloak of shadows swirling violently around him to mask his face and his every movement from me. While walking home that night, underneath the elevated train tracks, I never thought I would meet up with an attacker. But as it lunged forward and knocked me backwards to the ground, I knew it was looking for a fight.

I attempted to run around it, but the figure was much too fast, grabbing me by the back of the shirt and pulling me backwards to the ground in front of him. I began to back away, looking for another escape. I wasn't ready to take on someone so skilled at the moment. Dawn was going to be upon me soon, and I had to get back. As I charged off in another direction to get away, the creature swiftly jumped up and kicked me in the chest hard! I fell on my back and had the wind knocked out of me something awful. I held my chest, coughing, and saw he figure standing over me, his eyes blazing bright red as it waited for me to try and run again. That's when I thought back to what someone once told me...

Quote #1: "Sigh...Justin...listen to me very carefully. I can't tell you what choices to make in order to live your life, or clear your conscience. far as your survival is concerned...I'm afraid the choices have already been made."

1) Dion
2) Comicality
3) Bryson
4) Tim